Welcome and enjoy…

CD Sleeve Hoopoe 2









Alhamdulillah / Heart of Fire / Hunting the Hart / The Rendezvous / Wish Me Well / Silence / The Hoopoe / The Cherry Blossom / September

Hu / Read and Return / The Harpist

CD Sleeve Dervish









Thank You / Mevlana, Mevlana / This Court that I have come to / Life in Death / The Chickpea Song /Embracing the Shadow  / The Limits / The

Boat of You and Me  / Blizzard Love / My Prophet and the Snow / Zhikr

10 responses to “Welcome and enjoy…

  1. Jacob

    I like the album(?). Particularly “The Limits”, “The Boat of You and Me” and “Mevlana”. You’ve worked hard on the harmonies. They made me think of Gospel/Spiritual songs.

  2. Beautiful album, today I like “Life in Death” and “My Prophet and the Snow” I am sure tomorrow I will love another song!

  3. Tas

    Dhikr of the heart. Love it!! There is something extra special about ‘Mevlana Mevlana’ thank you for sharing and inspiring!!! Tas xx

  4. Marie

    “The Limits” and “Thank you” bring tears to my eyes. Bless you.

  5. Siema

    Huuu! Thank You for deciding to share these inspirations, they are Beautiful. Blizzard Love, Siema xxx

  6. Jamil

    Beautiful album. Thank you for posting, It restores me to equanimity. I love Life in Death and Zhikr. Salaam

  7. Huma

    I liked the chickpea song, and the zhikr in particular.
    Congratulations on an album that will help keep my heart connected to the light. 🙂

  8. Marie

    Alhamdulillah wonderful harmonies sung with such feeling.I love it!

  9. Zeliha

    Mashallah Daniel!

  10. Nadia

    Lovely, mashallah 🙂

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