We are mirrors. From left to right: Siema Taj (lead vocals), me, Saimma Dyer (daf and backing vocals). In reflection: Uzma Taj (backing vocals)

We are mirrors for one another.

I’m Daniel Dyer — welcome to my songs and poems. Most of them are inspired in some way by 13th-century mystic, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, and his friend and mentor Shams-i Tabriz. I’d like to thank the dear friends and teachers who accompany me along the Way of these two great Sufis. If there are pleasing moments in these songs, it is due to their influence.

Apart from the Sufi poets, perhaps the other major influence here comes from songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison – western souls on a spiritual quest. Leonard Cohen once described his music as ‘Country and Eastern’ and that gives a good idea of where this music is coming from.

These demos have been recorded on home studio software (without proper microphones), but perhaps their rough quality can lend them a certain charm. In most cases I sing all the vocal parts and play all the instruments, however I’m most happy in collaboration and some songs benefit from the talents of friends – thank you to those dear ones.

I don’t know how successful this music is, or if there is an audience for it. I am surrounded by people with musical talent, and God willing we’ll experience more joy in collaboration.

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